Comprehensive Funeral Planning Guide - Maggard Memorials

Comprehensive Funeral Planning Guide - Maggard Memorials

A Respectful Journey in Honoring a Life

Planning a funeral can be a daunting task, especially during a time of grief. Maggard Memorials is here to guide you through each step, ensuring the process is as smooth and respectful as possible.

Choosing the Form of Disposition

A Foundation for Planning

The first step in funeral planning is deciding the disposition of the body. Traditional burial, green burial, and cremation are the most common choices. Each option has its unique considerations, from environmental impact to personal beliefs. Understanding these options is crucial to aligning the funeral plan with the deceased's wishes.

Traditional Burials

Traditionally, this involves the purchase of a casket and a burial plot or mausoleum space. It's a time-honored choice that provides a physical site for loved ones to visit.

Green Burials

An eco-friendly option, green burials involve no chemical embalming or traditional caskets. This choice reflects a commitment to minimal environmental impact.


With its growing popularity, cremation offers flexibility in memorialization, from scattering ashes to keeping them in an urn. It's seen as a more versatile and often more affordable option.

Alternative Methods

Innovative methods like alkaline hydrolysis and cryonics are also available, albeit less common and dependent on regional availability.

Planning a Picture-Perfect Service

Personalization is Key

Modern funeral services have become more about celebrating life than mourning death. Personalize the service with readings, music, and eulogies that reflect the deceased's personality. Hosting a wake or reception allows for shared memories and comfort among attendees. Adding personal touches like memorial videos or photo albums can make the service more meaningful.

Deciding Whether to Hold a Viewing

The Choice of Physical Presence

For many, a viewing or visitation is an essential part of the grieving process. Whether it’s an open casket for a burial or an urn display for cremation, this step provides closure for family and friends.

Requesting Flowers or Donations

Honoring with Tributes

Flowers can bring beauty and solace to a funeral service, while donations offer a way to honor the deceased's passions or causes. Clearly communicate preferred charities or causes for donations to guide attendees.

Contacting Funeral Service Providers

Seeking Professional Guidance

Your next step is to reach out to local cemeteries, crematories, or funeral homes. These professionals can assist with service arrangements and necessary paperwork like death certificates. They can also accommodate cultural or religious service preferences.

Tips for Funding a Funeral Service

Managing the Financial Aspect

Funerals can vary in cost based on chosen services and disposition methods. Consider setting a budget and explore payment options like insurance policies, personal savings, or pre-planned installments. For those planning in advance, clearly documenting wishes can ease the process for family members.

In Conclusion:

Planning a funeral is a profound way to honor a loved one. By considering each aspect, from disposition to service personalization, you can create a respectful and memorable tribute. Maggard Memorials is here to support you through every step of this journey.

Need Assistance in Funeral Planning?

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