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Diamond Shaped Companion Memorial

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Size: 42 x 6 x 26
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Maggard MemorialsLeaning Heart Monument
Leaning Heart Monument

Presenting our Diamond Shaped Companion Memorial a striking symbol of enduring strength and timeless elegance. This exquisite monument, crafted from the highest quality granite, measures 42" in width, 6" in depth, and 24" in height. Its distinctive diamond shape is fully polished on all sides, showcasing the granite's natural beauty and reflective brilliance.

The monument is securely mounted on a substantial 60" x 12" x 6" base, which features a polished top and polished margins, adding to the overall aesthetic appeal and providing a solid foundation. The careful attention to detail in the polishing of both the monument and the base ensures a seamless and sophisticated finish, highlighting the monument's geometric precision and the reflective quality of the granite.

Expertly crafted at our Lebanon location, this Diamond Shaped Monument represents our commitment to excellence in memorial artistry. Its all-polished finish and unique design make it a prominent and dignified tribute, reflecting the unique light and legacy of the individual it commemorates.


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