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Leaning Heart Monument

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Maggard MemorialsCross Cut-Out Monument

Introducing our Leaning Heart Monument, an emblem of elegance and heartfelt tribute. This alluring monument, expertly carved from high-quality granite, features a unique leaning heart design with gracefully rounded shoulders. Measuring 24" in width and 22" in height, its contours are fully polished to a gleaming finish, enhancing the stone's natural luster and depth.  Sitting atop a kidney style polished base 30" 

The sophisticated design and polished surface of the leaning heart, combined with its soft, rounded shoulders, create a harmonious and inviting tribute. This monument stands as a symbol of enduring love, crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a deep respect for the memories it represents.

Created at our esteemed Lebanon location, this monument is a testament to our commitment to excellence in memorial artistry. Choose the Leaning Heart Monument for a modern yet timeless expression of affection and remembrance.


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